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fancy lobster bibLobster Bibs

We produce and distribute a high-quality fine disposable lobster bib. The other disposable lobster bibs available on the market are flimsy plastic-bag sheets or just cheap paper-towel material, usually with an awkward and uncomfortable neck-tie. We could not find a fancy bib suitable for high-end entertaining, catering, and restaurant dining, so we designed our own.

We have developed a laminated bib made from a dense cloth-texture paper material backed with a water- and grease-proof plastic layer. Our lobster bib is large and has a simple adaptable tear-the-loop ™ neck-tie for easy fit. It can be used for lobster or crab dinners or rib and barbecue dining at home, for parties, catering, or restaurants.

Our printed bibs are individually silkscreened with an elegant and simple lobster design, not the cartoonish or tacky lobsters with top-hats you can find elsewhere...

At present, we are not able to custom print or offer large volume discounts- sales are only online. Check back to see if this changes.

For individual orders or samples, we sell single cases of 25 plain or lobster-print online.

Orders or sample requests for fewer than 25 should purchase a case online- it costs us the same to pack and ship these small numbers.

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